Jun 29, 2014

Go Song

This is the Go Song by Have Fun Teaching. The Go Video is a sight word video for teaching the word GO.

The Go Sight Word Video features Doodles going different places. Doodles will go to school and learn, go to lunch and eat with Lexy and Penny, go to the park and play, and go to bed and sleep.


Anonymous said...

The 'g' is hard for my kids to read. It is a good teaching video, but my kids were super distracted telling my the 'g' looked funny. I guess we just have not looked at that font much.

Unknown said...

I think the children would enjoy this, but would it be possible to use a regular 'g' for the word 'go'? The fancy font is not how students learn to print this letter.
Lori Smith

Unknown said...

We can only use 1 font in these videos and we chose to use Century Schoolbook Font. This is the font that is mostly used in Children's Books. Since these are "Sight Words"...they need to be recognized by the way they look when learning how to read. If children can see how these letters and words look on these videos, they will be more likely to remember them as they begin to read books. Thanks :)