Nov 18, 2013

How to Make Money on TeachersPayTeachers

Are you a teacher? Have you created teaching resources for your kids? If so, you could be sitting on a gold mine! TeachersPayTeachers is an online marketplace filled with thousands of resources for teachers. TeachersPayTeachers has already paid out nearly $50 Million Dollars to teachers just like what are you waiting for, sign up for a TeachersPayTeachers account today! Read below to check out our 10 Tips on How To Make Money on TPT.

Here is how it works: You can Sign Up for a Free TPT Account and start selling your teaching resources today. A basic membership is free and you get to keep 60% of your sales. You can also sign up for a TPT Premium Membership for $59.95/year and you can keep 85% of your sales. The first few products that you upload need to be free, but then you can start uploading items that you want to sell.

Also, if you sell items on TPT, they send you a quarterly check or instant deposit via Paypal.

To help you make some extra money using TeachersPayTeachers, here are some helpful tips to remember:

How To Make Money on TPT

Tip #1: Make 30% of your items Free and 70% of your items Paid.

Tip #2: Don't make your Paid items cheap. People who shop on TPT are willing to pay a little extra for high quality resources. Set a standard and certain price points for your items depending on quality, depth, and items included.

Tip #3: Create a catchy, fun, and friendly Store Name. Your store name will need to be something that people can remember. It will also be part of your Store URL.

Tip #4: When you upload a new resource to TPT, be sure to make the Title of your resource very specific. Also, use many keywords in your description and include 4 pictures if possible.

Tip #5: Create a cover page for all of your resources. It's hard to sell something that doesn't look pretty. Take some extra time to create a cover page and use the JPG image as your main thumbnail. Draw in the shoppers with an eye-catching product image.

Tip #6: Try creating and uploading resources in different subject areas to gain more exposure. You can tag your resources with different Grade Levels, Subjects, and Resource Types.

Tip #7: Follow other TPT users and ask them to follow you. You can start by following Have Fun Teaching.

Tip #8: Try purchasing resources from other stores to test how the User Experience is and how you can make your resources better!

Tip #9: Post Holiday and Themed Resources a month prior to the occasion. This will allow time for your resource to gain traction and also for teachers to actually use the resources.

Tip #10: Throw A Sale! Teachers are always looking for discounts, so throw a sale during the week, on a weekend, or for a special holiday. Teachers are more likely to fill up their shopping cart if they know you are having a sale.

Be sure to Sign Up For TeachersPayTeachers and start earning some extra income today!

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