Oct 27, 2011

Fall Sale - Get 15% Off Teaching CD's, DVD's and more!

The Have Fun Teaching Fall Sale is here! The leaves are falling and so are the prices on the HFT Shop! Take advantage of this special 15% Off EVERYTHING SALE going on now through 10/31/11. Visit the Have Fun Teaching Shop and use coupon code: FALL15 at checkout and you will get 15% off your entire order! So Hurry, this sale ends on 10/31/2011.

Have Fun Teaching Fall Sale
Use Coupon Code FALL15 at Checkout.
(Coupon Expires 10/31/11)

Use these links below to shop now:

Music CD's – Click Here - Alphabet CD, Character CD, Counting CD, Fitness CD, Science CD, Songs for Kids CD.
DVD's – Click Here - Alphabet DVD, Counting DVD, DVD Pack.
USB's - Click Here - Get all your favorite Have Fun Teaching Music CD's, DVD's and Activities on USB Flash Drives.
Teacher Shirts – Click Here - Pre-K Teacher Shirts, Kindergarten Teacher Shirts, First Grade Teacher Shirts, Second Grade Teacher Shirts, Third Grade Teacher Shirts, Fourth Grade Teacher Shirts, Fifth Grade Teacher Shirts, Sixth Grade Teacher Shirts, Math Teacher Shirts, Art Teacher Shirts, Reading Teacher Shirts.
Teacher Bags – Click Here - Pre-K Teacher Bags, Kindergarten Teacher Bags, First Grade Teacher Bags, Second Grade Teacher Bags, Third Grade Teacher Bags, Fourth Grade Teacher Bags, Fifth Grade Teacher Bags, Sixth Grade Teacher Bags, Math Teacher Bags, Art Teacher Bags, Reading Teacher Bags.
Packages – Click Here - Phonics Packages, Counting Packages.
Downloads – Click Here - Educational Song and Video Downloads for teachers.
Sale Items – Click Here - Super CD Pack with All 6 Educational CDs, DVD Pack with 2 Educational DVDs, Pick 2 CDs, Pick 3 CDs, Packages.

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