Apr 17, 2011

Creation Song

The Creation Song is a science song that teaches how the earth was created. The creation song teaches the different things that God created in the first six days and how he rested on the seventh day. This is a song for learning about the creation of the earth.

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Creation Song Lyrics:

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth
He made Adam with His breath from the dirt
Then came Eve do you believe that she came from Adam's rib
We give Him all the glory with the life that we live

On the first day God made day and night
He separated the darkness from the light

On the second day God made the sky
He made a space between the water below and up high

On the third day God made the land and the oceans
He made plants and trees and all the vegetation

On the fourth day God made the moon and the sun
He made the planets and the stars to shine for everyone

On the fifth day God made fish to swim
He made birds to fly, to fly up in the sky

On the sixth day God made all living things
He made all the animals and all human beings

On the seventh day God took a rest
He looked at all that He had made and He said that it was blessed

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