Mar 31, 2011

Animal Song

The Animal Song is a science song that teaches types of animals and animal sounds. The animal song teaches kids about mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. This is a song for learning about animals.

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Animal Song Lyrics:

Mammals have lungs that breathe the air
Warm-blooded bodies that have fur or hair
Mammals give birth to their living young
Mothers give milk to their daughters and sons

Dogs say, “Ruff”
Cats say, “Meow”
Cows say, “Moo”
Humans say, “Wow”
Monkeys say, “Ooh Ooh Ooh”
Horses say, “Neigh”
Elephants say, “Ppphhh”
Dolphins say, “Click Click Click”

Move like a mammal. Now, dance like a mammal.

Birds have beaks, but they don’t have any teeth
Flying high in the sky and they can walk on two feet
Birds lay eggs and are warm-blooded creatures
They have backbones and they are covered with feathers

Birds say, “Tweet Tweet”

Move like a bird. Now, dance like a bird.
Fish have fins and are covered with scales
They swim in the water and breathe with their gills
Fish skeletons are made of cartilage or bones
They live in freshwater, saltwater, oceans and ponds

Fish say, “Glulp, Glulp”   -----   Fish say, “Wshh Wshh”

Move like a fish. Now, dance like a fish.

Reptiles use their lungs to breathe
They have claws on their feet and use the sun for heat
Reptiles have scales and lay eggs on the land
They are cold-blooded animals with no sweat glands

Snakes say, “Sssss”   -----   Alligators say, “Chomp Chomp”

Move like a snake. Now, dance like a turtle.

Amphibians live on the land and in the water
Their babies have gills, but metamorphosis takes over
Their skin is moist and they don’t have scales
Salamanders can grow back their arms, legs and tails

Frogs say, “Ribbit Ribbit”   -----   Toads say, “Rrraw”

Jump like a frog. Now, dance like a frog.

Insects have an exoskeleton
They have a head, a thorax, and an abdomen
Most have wings, but they all have six legs
They have two antenna and they lay a lot of eggs

Bees say, “Zzzzzzz” -----  Crickets say, “Chirp, Chirp”

Move like a bug. Now, dance like a bug. 

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