Oct 24, 2010

Grammar Flash Cards

Free Grammar Flash Cards. These grammar flashcards are great for teaching and learning the parts of speech. Adjective Flash Cards, Noun Flash Cards, Verb Flash Cards.

Adjective Flash Cards Word List: Afraid, Amazing, Ancient, Angry, Beautiful, Big, Black, Blue, Bored, Bouncy, Brave, Bright, Broken, Brown, Calm, Clean, Cloudy, Cold, Dangerous, Deep, Delicious, Dirty, Educated, Empty, Excited, Faithful, Fast, Funny, Goofy, Happy, Healthy, Hot, Ill, Juicy, Kind, Lazy, Little, Loud, Lucky, Messy, Quiet, Rainy, Rich, Round, Royal, Sad, Scary, Sharp, Slow, Soft, Strong, Tall, Thankful, Tired, Unique, Vast, Warm, Wet, Wise, Wooden.

Noun Flash Cards Word List: Apple, Baby, Ball, Bear, Bed, Bell, Bird, Boat, Boy, Bread, Cake, Car, Cat, Chair, Chicken, Coat, Corn, Cow, Dog, Duck, Egg, Fire, Fish, Flower, Girl, Grass, Hand, Head, Horse, House, Leg, Letter, Milk, Money, Nest, Pig, Rabbit, Rain, Ring, School, Seed, Sheep, Shoe, Snow, Sing, Street, Sun, Table, Top, Toy, Tree, Watch, Water, Wind, Window.

Verb Flash Cards Word List: Bite, Blow, Catch, Chase, Choke, Clap, Climb, Conduct, Crash, Crawl, Cut, Dance, Dig, Dive, Draw, Drink, Dunk, Erupt, Explode, Fall, Fly, Hug, Jump, Kick, Laugh, Launch, Leap, Learn, Lick, Listen, March, Measure, Pitch, Play, Pray, Pull, Push, Read, Relax, Ride, Rip, Sail, Shake, Smell, Spin, Spray, Swim, Swing, Throw, Walk, Wave.

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These resources are fantastic! Definately something our teachers would be interested in.

Cordelia @ Protocol Education