Sep 13, 2010

Matching Games

Free printable matching games for teachers and kids. Check out these fun matching games for your classroom and use them with your learning centers and lesson plans.

Guess Who Game: Printable Guess Who matching game. Includes 2 game boards, 24 playing cards, 40 game pieces, and directions.
Information: Guess Who Board Game. Guess Who Game Board. Guess Who Games. Guess Who Boardgame. Who's Who Game. (Cut and Laminate for Longer Use)

Rhyming Words Word List: cat, hat, pig, wig, sun, run, pet, jet, hot, pot, fan, van, fin, win, pen, hen, dad, mad, hop, mop, nap, map, bed, sled, rock, sock, bag, flag, bib, crib, ham, jam, kick, sick, ball, fall, cab, crab, swim, rim, bell, well, box, fox, bug, rug, dog, frog, dish, fish, duck, truck, glass, grass, gum, drum, trash, cash, mouse, house.

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1 comment:

David Brown said...

Thankyou for the games, I'm teaching a much younger grade next year so some of these will be very helpful.