Sep 26, 2010

Fairness Song

The Fairness Song is a Character song that teaches fairness. This character education song will teach kids how to be a fair and treat people with justice and equality. This is a song for learning how to be fair.

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Fairness Song Lyrics
I take turns and I follow all the rules
Showing fairness is the honest thing to do
Every person gets the same opportunity
Being fair is showing justice and equality

I just wanna to be fair
I wanna be honest
Follow all the rules
That is just what I do

I Take turns and tell the truth
Play by the rules, it’s the fair thing to do
Think about how what you will do
Will have an impact on other people too
Listen to others with an open mind
Don’t play favorites, what’s yours is mine
I won’t blame my mistakes on anyone
I won’t take advantage of anyone

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