Aug 12, 2010

Alphabet Songs

Teaching the Alphabet can be a fun and exciting activity for preschool and kindergarten kids! Teachers and parents usually get tired and frustrated teaching the alphabet and the kids seem to be pretty bored as well. That is where the Have Fun Teaching website comes to help!

Introducing...ALPHABET SONGS! These Alphabet Songs are available for teachers, parents, instructors, homeschoolers and kids who are teaching and learning the Alphabet, Phonics, Letter Sounds, Vowels, Consonants, Handwriting Skills, Blends, Digraphs, etc. Teaching these Phonics skills can be an exhausting thought. Many teachers just give up and resort to the old ways of teaching and learning. Now, Have Fun Teaching has these Alphabet Songs CDs that will make learning the Alphabet and learning Phonics FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Download These Songs on iTunes

The Have Fun Teaching website also has Phonics Packages for teaching the alphabet, phonics, letter sounds, consonants, vowels, vocabulary words and handwriting skills.

Phonics Package #4 Includes: *Alphabet Songs A-M Music CD
*Alphabet Song Bonus Track
*Alphabet Songs N-Z Music CD
*Phonics Activities CD with Hundreds of Phonics Activites:
274 Phonics Worksheets
865 Alphabet and Phonics Flash Cards
130 Classroom Posters
96 Alphabet Clip Art Images
78 Alphabet Coloring Pages
27 Song Lyric Sheets
14 Phonics Centers and Games
11 Phonics Word Lists 

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