Mar 17, 2010

Respect Training for Teachers

Teachers, do your students have a difficult time showing respect? Do your students tend to be mean to each other and show disrespect to you, as the teacher?

Respect Training: An in‐depth educational training of the character trait Respect with an explanation of how to implement respect in the classroom and in all areas of life. This course will describe how to put into practice the 4‐step process of effective teaching strategies that will help you model, instruct, practice, and reinforce respect with your students. Teaching respect will be fun and easy!

Items Included with this Course:
  1. Respect Course Syllabus – Click Here to View
  2. 11 Respect Activities to use with your students
  3. A list of 15 children’s books that teach respect
  4. The Respect Song MP3 – Click Here to Listen for Free
  5. The Respect Song Remix MP3
  6. Classroom signs and posters for teaching respect
  7. The Respect Training Course Assessment
  8. 30 Days of full access to all items included with the Respect Course Online Training
To learn more about this Patience Training online course for teachers, visit Have Fun Teaching Website or the Have Fun Training website.

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