Feb 16, 2010

Please Sit Down

How many times per day do you find yourself saying, "Please Sit Down," "Sit Down Please," or pretty much lose your cool and say, "Sit Down and Be Quiet!" Hopefully you don't get to that point. I wanted to take some time to go over some classroom procedures that deal with students who just LOVE to get out of their seat. If you really want your kids to sit in their seat, simply follow these recommendations and you will be very satisfied. Some of these ideas are from teachers who are fans on the Have Fun Teaching facebook page.

Tips for Teachers: Students Getting Out of Their Seat
  1. Make sure your procedures are very clear and show somewhere in the room. Sometimes, students just forget that they are supposed to be sitting. I know you're thinking, "Well, I tell them constantly." It might be a nice idea to be able to point to a poster or sign that reminds them that sitting nicely is a classroom procedure and they are to be held accountable.
  2. For a primary age children, try to draw the child's attention on the activity on the table. For instance, when using playdough say to the child, "Kim lets make lots worms and snakes using this playdough." I will be sitting on my chair and in the process encourage the child to sit on his/her chair. In between the activity be sure to praise the child for sitting still in the chair. And of course at the end of the activity reward the child with a sticker or felt pen star for sitting still. -Imali Chanzu
  3. I use my glue gun... only kidding :) -Caroline Lennox
  4. I think using the reward and praising strategy always works. If someone is sitting still I always praise him/ her and the others will soon try to imitate the right behavior...don't forget to praise them too. -Anna Lynch
Get teaching ideas and share your own on the Have Fun Teaching Facebook Page.

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