Jan 24, 2010

Teaching Multiple Intelligences | Visual Spatial Activities

Do you find your students thinking in pictures and images, have a good eye for detail and color, and like to draw and create? If so, your kids may perform well in visual and spatial activities. These types of children are known to be Art Smart or Space Smart, according to Howard Gardner.

When your students use their visual spatial intelligence, like young artist Marla Olmstead, they have good artistic abilities, an eye for detail, and they may enjoy painting, coloring, drawing, and sculpting. You can use these visual spatial activities with your lesson plans in the classroom.

Arts and Crafts Activities
Visual Activities
  • Guided Imagery
  • Pretend or imagine
  • Create a mind map
  • Watch a movie or educational video
Spatial Activities
These visual spatial activity ideas can help your "art smart" kids to stay motivated in class. Here are some more Visual Spatial Multiple Intelligence resources:
  1. Visual-Spatial Learners Book - Offers ways to differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of gifted visual-spatial learners.
  2. Art Shirt for Teachers - Check out these Art T-Shirts. Lots of different colors of teacher shirts that say Art is Life. Kids will love these!
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