Jan 25, 2010

Teaching Multiple Intelligences | Musical Rhythmic Activities

Do you find that some of your students enjoy listening to music? Do they also have a good sense of rhythm and melody? If you have a student who likes to sing, hum, chant, rap, whistle and enjoys creating music, you may be witnessing a student who has a Musical Intelligence or Rhythmic Intelligence. In other words, these students may be Music Smart.

With music having a huge impact on today's children, it's no wonder why shows like Yo Gabba Gabba (pictured above) are an amazing success with kids. When your students use their musical rhythmic intelligence in the classroom, they may have a high ability level to communicate through music or understand the meaning of a piece of music. They may be able to play an instrument or sing and can also tell the difference between different pitches, timings, tones, and music notes.

Here are some fun activities that you can use with your students who show a musical rhythmic intelligence, or a music smart.

Learn With Music Activities
  • Rewrite the words to a song, rap or jingle
  • Interpret the meaning of a song
  • Listen to songs for learning
  • Have music playing while working
  • Write a song about a topic that is being studied
 Learning About Music Activities
  • Learn about different instruments
  • Color pictures of instruments
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Learn to read music notes and symbols
  • Listen to music from different times, genres and cultures
Performing Music Activities
  • Play an instrument solo
  • Sing a song to the class
  • Play as a class band
  • Sing a duo, trio, or quartet
Creating Music Activities
  • Compose a melody
  • Mimic sounds and melodies
  • Create a musical collage
  • Create a musical instrument
  • Hum, clap, click, bang, snap, or whistle a song
  • Write a song, poem, or jingle
These musical rhythmic activity ideas can help your "music smart" kids to stay motivated in class. Here are some more Musical Rhythmic Multiple Intelligence resources:
  1. Songs for Kids and Learning
  2. Music Coloring Pages
  3. Music Flash Cards 
  4. Classroom Instruments Set 
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