Jan 21, 2010

Teaching Multiple Intelligences | Logical Mathematical Activities

Whether you are teaching whole group lessons or small group learning centers, it is important to keep in mind how your students are learning. Students can learn, understand, and process new information in many different ways and with many different results. Depending on which intelligence each student performs well in, will determine how they process and recall new information.

Howard Gardner has defined multiple intelligences as different ways that people (your students) can develop their skills and be smart. These intelligences are not fixed and anyone can develop the intellectual capacity within their own mind and body.

Below you will find various logical mathematical activities that you can use in your classroom. These intelligence activities will be great for motivating students who are Logic Smart or Math Smart. Students are logic smart or math smart when they are good in math, love to solve logic problems, use abstract symbols, think clearly and analyze different situations, and think in numbers and patterns. You can also use these math and logic activities as small group learning centers.

Logic Activities
Math Activities
These logical and mathematical activity ideas can help your "math smart" kids to stay motivated in class.

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