Dec 8, 2009

Top 4 Teacher Newsletters You MUST Sign Up For

With all the teacher meetings, before and after school work, and grading...wouldn't it be nice to get tips, worksheets, and lesson plan ideas sent right to your email? Here is a list of the Top 4 Email Newsletters for Teachers:

  1. Have Fun Teaching Newsletter - The Have Fun Teaching website is updated daily with worksheets, coloring pages, flash cards, songs, movies, fun activities, and more. Subscribers to this teacher newsletter will receive the latest thematic units, holiday worksheets, and it will give you access to the newest updates on the Have Fun Teaching website.
  2. Color Me Good Newsletter - The Color Me Good website has over 6,000 free coloring pages and more are being added daily. Subscribers to this free newsletter will receive the newest coloring pages added to the site as well as themed coloring pages for holidays and units.
  3. Blog Newsletter - The Blog gives you free worksheets, printables, coloring pages, activities, and crafts all centered around a specific content. Subscribers to this free teacher newsletter will receive a wide range of free worksheets and free resources for teachers.
  4. Free Flash Cards Newsletter - Free Flash Cards is a flashcards website that is updated with themed flashcards for teachers that can be printed for free and used in the classroom or at home. Subscribers of this free newsletter will receive free flash cards in their email.
The above teacher newsletters are all free to sign up and can be canceled at any time.

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