Oct 23, 2009

Vowels Worksheets

Free vowels worksheets. Have Fun Teaching has a few short and long vowel puzzles for kids. Teachers, you will also find R-Controlled vowel worksheets and long vowel center activity.

R-Controlled Vowel Worksheet - Click Here

Here are some word lists that are included in the vowel sounds worksheets:

Short Vowel A Puzzle
: Bag, Bat, Camp, Can, Cat, Dad, Fan, Gas, Ham, Hand, Hat, Jam, Mad, Man, Map, Nap, Pan, Plant, Rat, Sad, Sand, Taxi, Trash, Van.

Long Vowel A Puzzle
: Tape, Cage, Cake, Gate, Late, Page, Snail, Brain, Mail, Nail, Paint, Rain, Tray, Way, Day, Play, Pray, Weight, Eight, Freighter, Sleigh. (CVCe, AI, AY, and EI sounds)

Short Vowel E Puzzle
: Bed, Bell, Bread, Dead, Dress, Egg, Elf, Hen, Leg, Nest, Net, Pen, Red, Sled, Vest, Web.

Long Vowel Sounds Center
: Snake, Mail, Cake, Cane, Pail, Lake, Baseball, Grapes, Paint, Rake, Plane, Tank, Teeth, Bee, Feet, Tree, Pea, Sleep, Beak, Beetle, Sweep, Leaf, Queen, Cheese, Kite, Bike, Lightning, Fire, Five, Blind, Ice, Cry, Mice, Slide, Bone, Phone, Globe, Robe, Nose, Road, Coat, Rose, Snow, Bow, Hose, Bowling, Music, Utensils, Unicorn, Mule, Cube.

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