Sep 28, 2009

Truth Song

The Truth Song is now available on the Have Fun Teaching web site! This is a new character education that all the kids are singing. This song will be a perfect addition to your lesson plans. Print out the Truth Song lyrics and your students will be learning new vocabulary, increasing their reading fluency, and building their comprehension by learning this Honesty song.

Here are the Truth Song lyrics:
It’s better to be honest and tell the truth
I will follow my heart and stay true to myself
If I do something wrong I’ll admit it right away
I have no shame in the words that I say

Because I speak the truth I speak honestly
My friends all agree we share the same quality
I will tell you the truth you can always trust me
You can depend on me to show integrity

True, True, True, Truth
Honesty is what I need, it’s what I need
The truth will set me free

Let the truth be told that is what I’m about
I will raise my right hand I will shout it out loud
You won’t catch me in a lie I will not deceive
I want you to believe every breath that I breathe

I stay away from gossip I don’t believe the rumors
Sincerity and truthfulness is so much cooler
I don’t have to hide I don’t have to be afraid
The truth will conquer everything you put in my way

True, True, True, Truth
I will speak the truth with honesty
You can trust in me, believe it when I say

Hold up wait a minute speak the truth (let me hear you say)
What, What wait a minute speak the truth (let me hear you say)
Ohhhh, Ohhhh speak the truth (let me hear you say)
Truth, Truth, Truth, Truth speak the truth (let me hear you say)

Alright everybody let’s put our hands together
One world. One truth. Here we go

Print These Lyrics: Truth Song Lyrics - Click Here

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