Sep 10, 2009

Classroom Management Strategies

Here are some effective teaching strategies for classroom management. Use these classroom management strategies and techniques with your students to ensure better behavior and a positive classroom environment. Here are some classroom signs you can use for classroom management...just cut them out and glue them to a Popsicle stick!

If a student is not following directions in the classroom, it is important to discuss what the student is doing wrong and how they can improve. Here is a student behavior plan sheet that they can fill out.

Student Behavior Plan - Click Here

Other Classroom Management Strategies:
  • Fun Friday - 30-minute behavior management strategy on Friday.
  • Give Me Five Poster - Give Me Five is a great attention getter and classroom management strategy. If you need the student's attention, quietly raise your hand and say, "Give Me Five, Please."

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Anonymous said...

something I've had success with, in terms of recapturing attention and quieting the side conversations is "Clap once if you can hear me" followed with "Clap twice." The first clap gets everyone's attention and the Clap Twice gets everyone involved. Just pick up and go from there.