Aug 19, 2009

Top 5 Homework Tips for Teachers

Top 5 Homework Tips for Teachers:

1. Make the homework assignment specific for your students. It is important that your students know EXACTLY what they need to do and make sure that they will be able to do it on their own.

2. Homework given to your students should be perfect practice of what was taught in the classroom that day. Try not to make the homework assignment much different from what they experienced that same day at school.

3. Make sure your students have a way to check their work. If it is math, have them check with a calculator but they have to show their work. If it is reading have them log their time spent reading. If it is spelling, give them the word list to check.

4. Collect homework the first thing on the next day. Make sure that you are consistent with collecting homework from students before the first bell rings. There are few exceptions to this procedure, but do the best you can to have students hand in their homework at the beginning of the day.

5. Check your student's homework. I have seen so many teachers give homework, collect it the next day, and then just throw it all in the trash. (I admit...I have done this before). The most effective teaching practice you can do is to check the student's work and give them specific feedback. You can check the work by yourself or have the students check their own work as a whole group. Feedback can be given orally, written on their paper, or with stickers and a grade.

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sanyukta said...

teaching is effective only if you check in time do not play with the time of students