Jul 31, 2009

The First Days of School

Hopefully you have read (or skimmed through) the book "The First Days of School," by Harry Wong. There are five basic units that are covered in this book and each are essential for becoming an effective teacher:

  1. The Teacher - The successful teacher must know and practice the three characteristics of an effective teacher. How to succeed on the first days of school.
  2. Positive Expectations - The effective teacher has positive expectations for student success. How to help all students succeed, dress for success, increase positive student behavior.
  3. Classroom Management - The effective teacher is an extremely good classroom manager. How to have a well-managed classroom, how to have your classroom ready, effective seating charts, discipline plan, consequences and rewards, and classroom procedures.
  4. Lesson Mastery - The effective teacher knows how to design lessons to help students reach mastery. Increase student learning and achievement, how to get students to do their assignments, how to get them to pass their tests, and work cooperatively.
  5. The Professional - The teacher who constantly learns and grows becomes a professional educator.
I highly recommend "The First Days of School" to all new and veteran teachers! It is a great way to help you get prepared for the first days of school and make the rest of the year a success.

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