Apr 4, 2009

Teaching Can Be a Pain in the Neck

Teaching can be a pain in the neck! I recently realized that, after teaching a few years, my neck and shoulders have been tight. My upper neck region has been bothering me to the point that it was generating headaches and making me physically tired most days. So, I decided to go to a chiropractor and get adjusted. Let me tell you...It Was Amazing! After I left the chiropractor, my neck felt loose and I felt refreshed.

Tips for Teachers with Neck and Shoulder Problems:
  1. Exercise frequently to build your neck and shoulder muscles.
  2. When speaking to students in the classroom, try to sit down and speak to them on their level. This way, you will not be constantly looking down.
  3. When cracking your neck; lean your head backwards and roll it side to side. You may also bring your shoulders and arms back.
  4. When stretching your neck, do it slowly and gently.

More importantly, I realized some things about how I teach and what can cause neck pain for teachers. I found that I spend most of my day in the classroom walking around while looking down and to the right. Therefore, I have pain in the right side of my neck. After finding this out, I spent more time during the school day sitting down and talking with my students face to face. Next time you are in the classroom teaching, take note of how your neck and shoulders are used throughout the school day.

I also found out that my chiropractor, who works with a few teachers at my school, is also a photographer! You can check out his work at Visions of Florida - A Slice In Time. Dr. Jim Barringer has an amazing collection of Florida Scenery and Wildlife Photography.

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