Apr 22, 2009

End of the School Year Discipline

It is getting close to the end of the school year, and discipline is crucial. Hopefully, teachers, you are still taking a leadership responsibility in the classroom and not letting the students run the show. It is important in the last month and weeks of school to keep students engaged in learning, active, and interested. Here are some tips for teachers to help your students stay on task for the remainder of the school year:
  1. Praise students for positive behavior - This will encourage others to follow their example.
  2. Give students short class assignments that need to be handed in - This can be done using learning activity centers in the classroom.
  3. Keep students busy with higher level thinking questions and assignments - Prepare your students for the next grade level by giving them more challenging work.
  4. Spend 10 minutes per day in a family class meeting - Ask students to share if they are having any concerns with other students, and then guide their discussion to get a resolution to the problem. Also, this will be a great time to praise the class for positive things that have done during the day. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE!!!
  5. Have students stand up, get out of their seat, and stretch every 30 minutes

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StudentTeacher said...

Nice suggestions! I enjoy your posts!