Nov 20, 2008

Free Beginning Consonant Sounds Printable Worksheets and Activities

Here is the COMPLETE collection of Free Beginning Consonant Worksheets. Each set has 5 different worksheets lessons including an answer key. These worksheets and activities will help primary students in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade improve their phonemic awareness, phonics skills, and spelling skills. These worksheets will help kids match words with pictures while challenging them to figure out the beginning sound of words using all of the consonants in the alphabet.

Beginning Consonant Sounds Worksheets: Letters F, G, H, and J

Beginning Consonant Sounds Worksheets: Letters K, L, and M

All of these free printable phonics worksheets and activities include 5 worksheets and an answer key. The consonants that are used in these lessons are: The Letter B, The Letter C, The Letter D, The Letter F, The Letter G, The Letter H, The Letter J, The Letter K, The Letter L, The Letter M, The Letter N, The Letter P, The Letter Q, The Letter R, The Letter S, The Letter T, The Letter V, The Letter W, The Letter X, The Letter Y, and The Letter Z.

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