Oct 14, 2008

Free Websites for Teachers - The Best Teaching Sites

I thought I would take a moment to generate a list of my favorite websites for teachers. All of these teacher websites have free materials for teachers, free printable worksheets for teachers, and free resources for teachers and students.
  1. The Best Websites for Teachers - Here you will find some of the best teacher websites on the Internet. All subject areas and grade levels.
  2. Top Teacher Sites - Here you will find more free sites for teachers with tons of resources and educational links. Great for Primary teachers, Intermediate teachers, and Secondary teachers.
  3. The Best Game Sites for Kids - Here you will find great resources mostly for Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade. You will also find fun games for kids to play.
  4. Top 100 Teacher Websites - Here you will find 100 different websites for teachers and students.

Other Great Websites

  1. SuperKids - SuperKids offers free math worksheets, free vocabulary builder worksheets, spelling worksheets, and many other fun ways to learn.
  2. A to Z Teacher Chat and Message Boards - Here is free teacher message board and forum where teachers can chat and post questions for other teachers to answer. Sign up is free.
  3. Color Me Good - Over 6,000 Free coloring pages and online coloring games for kids.


JKG said...

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for compliling and sharing such revered information. I am nearing completion of a 5 quarter teaching cert program and am in constant search of ideas.Thank you!!

Looch Quigley said...

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