Sep 4, 2008

Learning Activity Centers

After teaching 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and now 5th grade I can honestly say that Learning Activity Centers are amazing! Learning centers, if used effectively, can eliminate behavior problems in the classroom and make learning fun, motivating, and meaningful.
I am currently using centers with my 5th grade math class. I have four different homeroom classes each day. Each class is split up into 6 groups with 3-4 students in each small group. The students rotate between two different centers each day, spending 25 minutes at each center. An effective classroom with learning centers consists of students doing 85% of the working and talking while the teacher is guiding them the other 15%. It is great when you leave work feeling stress-free and energetic! Here are some examples of the small group learning centers that you would see in my classroom on a typical week:
  1. Fast Math Center - This is a computer math game that students play to learn math facts.
  2. FCAT Practice Center - This is a center where students get practice with the Florida standardized test called the FCAT.
  3. Enrichment Center - This center is basically taking their homework worksheets and creating a extra enrichment activity to go along with it, something "hands-on".
  4. Problem Solving Center - This learning center has math word problems for students to solve.
  5. FCAT Explorer Center - This small group center has students working on an online testing practice website for the Florida state test.
  6. Manipulatives Center - This center has students working with their hands to make math come alive by using building blocks, math tools, rulers, graphs, 3D shapes, etc.
Below you will find links to Free Have Fun Teaching Learning Activity Centers for your students in the classroom, and also to teach your own kids and children at home:
  • Tick Tock Time Center - This is a free telling time learning center. Tick Tock Time is a fun game for students learning to tell time and read a clock using intervals of One Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour and also Elapsed Time

  • BINGO Games - Free BINGO games for your classroom. Games include Alphabet Bingo, Telling Time Bingo, Noun Words Bingo, Numbers Bingo, and Subtraction Bingo

  • Word Family Fun Learning Center - Students can work in small groups to play this fun phonics word family game. Word families include letter combinations, vowels, and consonants that are found in many words such as AD, AN, AT, AY, EAT, ED, ET, IGHT, ING, IP, IT, OLD, OP, OW, OY, UCK, UN, UNNY, and UT

  • Long Vowel Sounds Center - This learning activity center includes picture cards and long vowel a, long vowel e, long vowel i, long vowel o, and long vowel u sound cards. Students must match the correct picture card to the corresponding long vowel card. This is a great phonics activity for primary grades.

Check out the Have Fun Teaching Website for more learning centers, games, small group activities, and fun lesson plans for your classroom.

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Hi! I am a student teacher from VA. I have a teaching blog I've just started for school, and I'm glad to have found yours here! I will be reading to find helpful info, so thank you in advance!